oh look i made art today! i’ve actually been busy making comics and cartoons for my job at the newspaper (I GET PAID FOR ARTS WOOT!!!) i might take some photos of those tomorrow and put them up later on…

anyway. in got to talk to my crush today~ haha! i was with my other friend and yesterday i made him an appreciation card because it’s CA Appreciation Week and I felt like he deserved a card of happiness :3

he told me he really liked it and thought it was awesome! (he even liked the chibi face of him i drew heeheeeeeeeee). he also wants to come to art night (where me and my other artsy fartsy friend just draw random stuff and relax and watch movies and usually end up drawing little to nothing lol)!!!!!!!

NOTHING CAN RUIN MY MOOD!!!! see!! people should know that you dont need to be depressed or in pain to make arts. as i have done above.

oh and check out my xmas lights (or fairy lights as my friend calls them)! i love that they’re roses and they’re red and full of color because i’m starting to hate the lighting in my room…

huurrrr gonna drink my orange tea and go to bed now. sorry for not posting much! just been super busy and tired with work n stuffs (like bursts of happiness when your crush likes your arts and stuffs and makes really funny jokes that i think only i seriously laughed at because he’s really sweet and funny and nice and lskdjfldjsljlsdfjlj)

sorry about le low quality. i lost my SD card for my camera and had to use my phone :P BUT I’M STILL SO HAPPY THAT I DON’T CARE RIGHT NOW!!!